Wall Upholstery

Wall upholstery is designed to make a room feel comfortable, acoustically sound and aesthetically beautiful. The use of wall upholstery dates back hundreds of years & hasn’t changed much over the last century. Eric Ahlfors has had 30+ years experience in wall upholstery, making him a master craftsman in his field. All jobs are tailored to perfection and are carried out in a professional and efficient manner.

A frame is applied around the perimeter of the walls, windows, and doors. The walls are then covered with a padding which keeps the walls slightly curved visually and soft to the touch. The fabric is then cut and sewn together to create a uniform piece, and then stretched over the walls. Entire rooms can be finished with fabric or just a feature wall.

We work with a wide range of fabrics, such as silk, velvet, cotton, linen and even leather. Fabrics with patterns or stripes are carefully matched and sewn together to create visual impact.

A number of techniques are used to create varied styles:

Traditional System for a classic & timeless look. A wooden frame is applied around the perimeter of the walls, the fabric is then stretched and fixed to the frame with staples. A decorative passementrie is then used to finish off the edges of the walls.

Modern System for a minimal contemporary look. A frame system is applied around the perimeter of the walls, the fabric is stretched and fixed into a “clip in system” which creates a clean edge finish around the wall without the use of braid or double piping.

Wall Panels for a decorative feature wall. This system gives a more architectural and rhythmic look. The panels are individually upholsetered. Walls in this fashion can be divided into a square or rectangular grid. The panels are then fixed to the walls on a simple spilt batten system.