Meet The Intoo Team

Posted by Eric, March 17th, 2014 in Meet The Team

Meet The Intoo Team: Hepzabeth Evans

Role: Upholsterer & PA to Eric

Hepzabeth 1

Hepzabeth, originally from England studied Furniture Restoration, Conservation & Decorative Arts at New Buckinghamshire University specializing in upholstery. She then went on to train under the Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishiners.

“I have always had a passion for reviving old things. My mother is an avid collect of all sorts of antiquities from the muff guns she keeps hidden in her kinckers draw to the old medieval lance hanging above the fireplace and numerous stuffed animals in the living room which include a parrot whos owner abandoned him with the taxidermist and never came back to claim him, my mother ended up giving him a home. Being surrounded by these old oddities I formed a respect and love for anything preowned and old. My first paying job at 13 was working in an antiques shop on Long Street in Tetbury, little did I know that my parents were actually giving the shop keeper my wage to pay me with.

Although being trained in England I have mostly learnt my trade through Eric at Intoo Upholstery. On the job experience has taught me more than anything I learnt at Uni. I like that I can take this skill anywhere with me in the world, hence the reason I ended up staying in Sydney. The only downside to being an upholsterer would be the staples; they end up in my handbag, in my shoes and socks, in my foot and sometimes if I’m really unlucky shot into my finger.

Other than upholstery and working for Intoo, I have a mad addiction to soap making. I have my own very small side project known as Cleanse With Benefits and we provide soap to just over 10 shops around the country now and have been featured in a few publications, print and online. “Hepzabeth


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