Meet The Intoo Team: Eric Ahlfors

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Meet the Intoo team: Eric Ahlfors

Role: Director/Master Craftsman

Meet the team: Eric

Meet the team: Eric

Eric started his journey into upholstery after completing a school certificate and was destined for an artistic adventure. But during the summer after finishing his schooling, met and worked for a renowned upholsterer in his home town of Orleans and decided to learn the craft. He then gained a place at l’Ecole Boule in Paris, which is an applied art and craft school founded by Louis XIV where he learnt upholstery and prototyping of modern furniture.

Eric Ahlfors working on Marie Antoinettes Bedroom “Ciel de Lit” 1984

After 5 years of training he did his compulsory national service where he was a photographer,  projectionist and bar man for the army. He was then employed in a Paris workshop “Brazet & Fils” where he worked for two years in the restoration of furniture and tentures murales (wall upholstery) within Parisian grand houses and national castles like Fontainbleau, Malmaison and Versailles.

Eric established the business after arriving in Australia from his native country France in 1985 and quickly became highly sought after by leading designers. “I first worked by myself doing occasional restoration of expensive antique furniture bought from Europe by diverse clients. But I mainly concentrated on wall upholstery. Wall upholstery at the time in Australia was a new trend although it had been done occasionally since the 70s by a couple of European upholsterers. But the opportunities grew with the economic boom in the early 80s. Since then its become a real feature of classic Australian interiors.”

Whats your favorite part of upholstery?

“My favorite part of upholstery is gaining satisfaction when seeing a nice piece of furniture finely tailored and upholstered either modern or traditional, leaving my workshop. I see too many examples of poorly upholstered furniture falling apart after a few months. I expect every piece of furniture to be made to an impeccable high standard, I never pressure my employees for the sake of gaining time or cutting costs. Quality always come first & the satisfaction of my clients.”

What don’t you particular like the trade?

“I dont like the business side of my trade all the paperwork, taxman – the boring bits basically.”

Interests after work…

“I have been playing the guitar for seven years and the drums for three years, music has become a big part of my life playing everyday.  Other interests: Art galleries/traveling/surfing/talking to and meeting interesting people/staying healthy physically and mentally doing meditation & yoga.

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