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Project: Hotel Hotel

Posted by Eric, Monday, February 10th, 2014 in Project

Hotel Hotel

Last year Intoo was involved in the collaboration of creating Hotel Hotel

About Hotel Hotel:

“Hotel Hotel is a place for People People. We occupy two levels of da big pineapple shaped Nishi building at NewActon in Central Canberra, Australia.

We have 99-rooms – some cosy, some roomy, some meandering. We prefer punk to posh. We aren’t at home surrounded by just the new, shiny or white. We like textures and patinas that remind us of the bush, big trees, well-worn t-shirts and weathered old men.

Hotel Hotel is a three-year collaboration of designers, artists, artisans and fantasists. We love hotels. Not for the swank but for reminding us of our transience and our need for romance. Hotels, like great cafes and bars, connect us to people and the places they occupy. They help us find meaning in simple interactions with one another.”

Check out Erics “makers” profile on their website here.

Thanks goes to Rebecca Cohen & Don Cameron for being awesome and making this all happen!

Hotel Hotel

Hotel Hotel

Hotel Hotel