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Meet the Intoo Team

Posted by Eric, Monday, May 12th, 2014 in Meet The Team

Meet The Intoo Team: Graham Greatbatch

Role: Supervisor &  Pattern Cutter

Graham, originally from Auckland in New Zealand trained as an apprentice upholsterer in 1980 at BOS Upholstery in NZ, the largest modern upholstery company in the area. He wanted to be an Interior Designer or Graphic Artist but had no money to pay for the courses so upholstery was an alternative decision. In 1985 he moved to Coogee, Australia and began working at a nearby company, Lounge About. In 1985 Graham travelled to England and worked at The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London for a year whilst squatting with some NZ friends in Camden Town. 1986 Graham moved back to Australia and worked for Nolan O’Rourke in Alexandria, he was also sent to Thailand for 5 weeks as a quality control supervisor to import furniture for freedom furniture.  Two years after Nolan O’Rourke he worked on the oil refineries as a skilled engineer for Caltex and Texco. From 1989 – 1999 he then worked at Zanzibar an upholstery firm  in Chipping Norton making furniture for Coco Republic and Domaine Furniture.

Graham started work for Intoo in 2008 and has been here for 6 years as the workshop pattern cutter.

“I find the finished product most interesting in my field. The worst thing about upholstery is making a mistake, as a pattern cutter especially, when your not given enough fabric to begin with. The most unusual task I have been asked to do was to maintain the height of curtains to 1/2 an inch from the floor at The Victoria Hotel in Knightsbridge, London part of the savoy group. My other interests include photography, drawing, gaming and looking after and feeding the wild birds locally.”

Graham Greatbatch